Romeo & Rebecca is a mixture of punk and rock. With lyrics that make the world turn upside down and riffs that your grandmother is likely to hate. At the beginning of 2011, Romeo & Rebecca are starting to take over the Belgian music scene with their in-your-face music.


Copyright 2011 Romeo & Rebecca

The story of R&R began in 2006 in Kampenhout, hometown of Tom DC.  He and his brother-in-law, Tom, started making music together in the basement. Originally, both were happy to play covers of bands they were (and still are) fan of: Blink 182, The Misfits, The Offspring and Ramones. The covers sounded good, but something was missing. And that something was a drummer. It didn’t last long until they asked Tom DC’s nephew to play drums. Bruno was soon to be a part of the band.

R&R is almost a family thing. But in all families, there has to be an ‘outsider’. And in this case: it’s the singer. Thibaut joined the band after reading an ad on the internet. One email and a try-out was enough for the other three to know that he was the man they needed.  Not only can he sing, but his writing skills match R&R’s philosophy: down-to-earth and fun. With Bruno and Thibaut, the band was complete. All they needed was a name. The name ‘Romeo and Rebecca’ comes from a Blink 182 song that came out on the album Chesire Cat in 1994. Mark, Travis and Tom are, as you can see, real heroes for this band. Whilst playing gigs here and there, the band came up with their own songs to add to the set list. My Next Ex Girlfriend, Role Model and Richie Rich are only three of them.

These were indeed good times… As no one knows what the future holds, surely nobody could have predicted theirs. But things happen for a reason. First Tom DC quits his other band to fully concentrate on R&R, than Thibaut chooses another path and decides to leave the band that gave him his first live experience in front of an audience.  Romeo & Rebecca was still alive but was a singer short. After a few adverts and rehearsals that lead to nothing the band found the right guy for the job. The departure of Thibaut was the reason to find Bert Luyten. With the addition of this Japan lover, the band regained confidence they lacked the last couple of months, started to write new material and even managed to arrange their first gig since June 2008.

But the band suffered another minor set back as Bert had the chance to fulfill his dream of moving to Japan. Off course the band supported their lead singers decision  but were yet again a singer short.  But with the experience they had, there was not much time lost with dead end rehearsals and adverts. After hearing some good things about Wies, who is a good friend of Bruno, the guys decided to have an audition. Wies blew them away with his raw voice and experienced attitude. After only one session it was clear that this guy was going to be the new lead singer of Romeo & Rebecca.

With Wies as lead vocal, the time was right for Tom DC to step up and get in front of the mic himself. With the bass player supporting Wies with backing vocals, Romeo & Rebecca sound ready for the future!