Romeo & Rebecca is a mixture of punk and rock. With lyrics that make the world turn upside down and riffs that your grandmother is likely to hate!


Almost one year after our last show with Bert, we are ready to make a fresh start (yet again). This time it didnít took us too long to get a new singer and with the summer ahead we are working hard to come out with some new material and with a new singer: Wies!


Wies joined the band in February 2010 as a friend of Bruno. We immediately felt that he was the missing piece of our master plan!



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Recent history:

April 2011: We are starting to do more shows and we will try to continue to do lots more in 2011.

Februari 2011: Demo album finished and available now! For more information contact us at

November 2010: we started recording in our basement and are planning to release a demo-albumbeginning of 2011!